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Calling Reparations Biblical, Tulsa Area Church Gives $200,000 Each to Massacre Survivors

6/24/21 -

During its worship service last Sunday, Transformation Church in Bixby, Okla., blessed several community members with financial gifts. The megachurch near Tulsa, which has made large donations in the past, gave away $1 million on the Juneteenth weekend, including $200,000 to each of the three remaining survivors of the Tulsa Race Massacre.

This Is the Casual Racism That I Face at My Elite High School

9/24/20 - The New York Times - Rainier Harris

Starting senior year in the middle of a pandemic has brought on more challenges than ever: Navigating college applications and maintaining my G.P.A. while dealing with Zoom burnout and no physical connection to my friends.

I attend Regis, the academically rigorous Catholic high school on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. To those who get in, it is tuition-free, and it is regularly recognized as one of the top high schools in the country.

So it is more than a little troubling that I know I will have to deal with casual racism at such an institution. Even as classes have started remotely, the racism that many Black students like me have experienced and continue to experience in school feels more emotionally draining than ever.


Dana Canedy Is 1st Black Person To Head Major Publishing Imprint

7/08/20 - NPR - Rachel Martin

Dana Canedy has spent her career working with the written word.

"My son calls me 'word nerd,' because I'm obsessed with words and books," she says. "I've been writing since I was 12 years old. And my mother asked me in high school, 'If you don't become a writer, what's your Plan B?' And I said 'There is no Plan B.'"

Plan A worked.


Texas Will Finally Teach That Slavery Was Main Cause of the Civil War

7/02/20 - SMITHSONIANMAG.COM - Jason Daley

Slavery has been upgraded to the primary cause in the curriculum, however states’ rights and sectionalism will still be taught as “contributing factors”


Maintaining Professionalism In The Age of Black Death Is….A Lot

6/03/20 - Medium - Shenequa Golding

I just witnessed the lynching of a black man, but don’t worry Ted, I’ll have those deliverables to you end of day.


14 black football players kicked off team over protest armbands are honored 50 years later

9/13/19 - NBC News - Mead Gruver / AP

Fifty years after 14 black football players were kicked off the University of Wyoming football team for seeking to wear armbands to protest racism, eight of them returned to the Laramie campus to commemorate the anniversary as the school takes another step toward reconciliation.


Marker supplies historical context for DeKalb’s Confederate monument

9/13/19 - The Atlanta Journal-Constitution - By Tia Mitchell

A work crew blasted through solid clay, dug two holes and poured concrete to prep the site. The next morning, they returned and installed a plaque DeKalb County officials say tells the real history of the Confederate monument in Decatur Square.

And now, that historical marker is receiving praise from afar for its truth-telling about the “lost cause” movement and the factual history of the Civil War.


Risking Peace In A Violent World: Five New Peacemaking Affirmations

8/21/17 - Presbyterian Mission

The five affirmations that frame the Risking Peace report come out of a discernment process begun in 2010 that involved about 100 congregations and presbyteries. The affirmations increase the PCUSA’s teaching of nonviolence for social transformation, while also recognizing how implicated most US citizens are in structural violence (the “isms”) and the violence of several long-term wars. The report includes a careful reassessment of Jesus’ nonviolence in relation to the Reformed tradition, Just War, and Just Peacemaking approaches.


The Things That Make for Peace: the complete Bible study


The Things That Make for Peace is a five-week adult study for small or large groups to be used during A Season of Peace or any time of the year. It focuses on the inner and outer path to peace as foundational to faithful discipleship. Each session has a “dig deeper” section for study through the week.

"Never forget that justice is what love looks like in public."
- Dr. Cornel West
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