Support Expansion of Brown v. Board of Education Scholarships 

CTTT-RVA’s Reparation’s Circle has joined the frontlines of the fight for racial equality and repairing what has been broken as a result of the lasting impact of the legacy of slavery. Our first action; providing support to the descendants of the students impacted by the closing of schools in Prince Edward, Charlottesville, Norfolk, Warren and Arlington County, where state public education funds were rescinded due to desegregation between 1954 and 1964.

The Brown v. Board of Education Scholarship Program provides scholarships that may be used to cover the costs of required academic fees, in addition to tuition and textbooks already provided by state law, and graduate study at the masters and doctoral levels, as determined by the Awards Committee.

See full Bill here: 02/28/09 House: Bill text as passed House and Senate (HB1893ER)

We are seeking support from the Attorney General to amend the definition of an eligible “student” which was the primary reason why it was not extended to their descendants in the bill in 2009.  The original proposal brought to the Governor and General Assembly by a resident of the Commonwealth included the children, as well as the grandchildren. This action requires no appropriation by the state as there are already funds remaining in the Brown Scholarship Fund that could be allocated for the children.

The Reparations Committee is working on leading a “Write in Campaign” to ask the Brown v. Board of Education Scholarship Committee members and the General Assembly Chairs if they would extend the scholarships to the descendants of those denied access to public education during the 1954 - 1964 efforts to resist school integration. To achieve this, we are also seeking the public endorsement of the amendment from Attorney General Mark Herring; and request that he join us in a press conference announcing our collective support. Per the Attorney General’s office’s opinion, the Brown Scholarship Committee could raise this issue in its next meeting to vote on bringing it to the General Assembly.

We are looking for supporters in this effort as we know the profound impact it will have on thousands of Virginians lives. During this unprecedented time we are asking you to join us, as we stand united as a coalition, to restore opportunities for education in those communities who would benefit tremendously by having these funds as a resource. Having your voices added to this call to action would make all of the difference.

Want more information on how you as can take action to provide support click here to contact us and start your message with Brown v Board Scholarship.

Thank you in Advance for your Support!

Frank Moseley II and Tina Slaughter
Reparations Circle Co-Conveners

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