Action Activities  

Join The Movement To Pass HR 40

Please consider adding your voice and energy in passing HR. 40. This landmark piece of legislation would establish a commission to fully study the impacts of slavery and other racist laws and practices and recommend proposals to provide reparations for redress and repair. The passage of this bill would help pave the way for a full and truthful reckoning and accounting for past and present harms.


Change A Life By Becoming a Mentor For Micah

Mentors play a critical role in helping young people discover their potential. These volunteers not only help kids overcome structural barriers to achieving personal and economic success but, they also help provide affirmation that their lives matter and that they are important and loved. 

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Effect Change Through A Personal Act Of Repair

So many times the question is asked “What can I do? The problem seems so large. Can what I do really make a difference?” Each act of individual repair is incredibly important because it proves that repair and reconciliation can happen.

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Support Black Owned Businesses

"By diverting your purchasing power to more Black-owned businesses, you’re not only helping to strengthen local Black economies — it can also contribute to shrinking the racial wealth gap, foster more job creation for Black people, and help to hold larger companies accountable in regard to diverse representation. But make no mistake, this only happens if Black-owned businesses are supported on a wider scale, not just by a few people." - Mashable: Dylan Haas

Black Business Greenbook

Black Owned Businesses on Etsy

"Coming To The Table-RVA has been amazing! Catering your events and the dine-in traffic have been vital to our success. During the pandemic, your patronage has helped keep our doors open. Thank you for spending your dollars with us and supporting black owned business."  -  C.B. Nutty Buttery Eatery

Expansion of Brown v. Board of Education Scholarships

*This item is currently on hold as we wait for legislative direction*

CTTT-RVA’s Reparation’s Circle has joined the frontlines of the fight for racial equality and repairing what has been broken as a result of the lasting impact of the legacy of slavery. Our first action; providing support to the descendants of the students impacted by the closing of schools in Prince Edward, Charlottesville, Norfolk, Warren and Arlington County, where state public education funds were rescinded due to desegregation between 1954 and 1964.   - LEARN MORE

"Never forget that justice is what love looks like in public."
- Dr. Cornel West
CTTT-RVA is a Local Affiliate Group of Coming to the Table.
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