Staff and Leaders Circle 

Hayat Bain, MSN

Coordinator of Communications and Partnerships

Hayat Bain has been on fire about Coming To The Table - RVA (an affiliate of Coming To The Table - national) since the Fall of 2016. After the first CTTT-RVA dinner gathering she attended, she volunteered to facilitate conversations from the next meeting onward. Hayat is now co-convener of the chapter's 3rd Tuesday Family Gathering and a member of CTTT-RVA’s Leaders and Facilitators Circles. In 2017, she initiated a 6-month CTTT-RVA Healing Circle. Hayat is currently supporting CTTT-RVA in the areas of communications, outreach, hospitality, event planning, and coordination.

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Bonnie Dowdy, PhD

Consultant; Facilitators Circle Co-Convener

For the past 40-plus years Dr. Bonnie Dowdy has worked as a consultant, educator, group facilitator, researcher, and program designer/evaluator. She has advocated for honest conversation about difficult social and cultural issues, for an increased awareness of the essential role of diversity in organizations and communities, and for the importance of evaluation in advancing program development and mission integrity.

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Cheryl Goode

I am Cheryl Goode and I am from Richmond, Virginia. My first Coming To The Table - RVA (national CTTT affiliate) encounter was on the 3rd Tuesday of December 2016. Trump had just been elected president, black men were continuously being murdered by police, there were daily debates over flags, statues, Klansmen, and also over who could truly be considered a racist. And in the mist of these dark days CTTT-RVA offers a safe place for all who are interested in acknowledging and healing from the harms of our racial past.

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Danita Rountree Green

Co-CEO, Programs

Danita Rountree Green (pen name, Rachel Satiafa) is an author and trauma healing facilitator, conducting workshops addressing community trauma and race related issues. A trained therapeutic art and restorative language specialist, Danita uses storytelling to unravel self-defeating narratives, helping people move through personal, community and historical trauma. As Co-CEO of Programs for Coming To The Table – RVA, she facilitates the constructive yet clumsy conversation on race and the legacy of the American Slave Trade.

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Marsha Summers

Co-CEO, Operations

Marsha Summers grew up in Southern California, but has lived in the Southeast for her entire adult life, with the last 20 years being in Richmond, VA. She has degrees in German, Education, and Vocal Performance, and has been employed as a singer, voice teacher, and pre-school director and teacher. Marsha is married to the Rev. Dr. Charles Summers, has three grown children and three grandchildren. She has been associated with Coming To The Table - RVA almost from the beginning and has served as Food Team Coordinator, Facilitator, and Book Circle Co-Convener before becoming Co-CEO of Operations.

Barbara Brown , MEd

Board Chair and Movie Co-Convener

I have lived in Richmond, VA for the past 70 years. I was born in Farmville, VA where schools were closed rather than be integrated. I was formerly the Movie Circle Convener, a Facilitator and a Member of the Leadership Team. I saw an article in a newspaper about a meeting of CTTT-RVA at a Church close to where I live and decided to attend my first meeting on December 16th, 2016. At my first meeting I was impressed with and was in accord with the mission of the organization and the four legs of the organization. As a member of CTTT-RVA, I feel that I have developed some very lasting relationships and developed a sense of trust with persons of very diverse backgrounds. My motto at this age is "Learn today, like you are going to live forever." I continue to participate in CTTT-RVA activities, events and trips because in addition to learning, I am able to experience a wider circle of family love from my new relationships.

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Darren Utley

Book Circle Leader; Emeritus: Founding Board member, now consulting

Rev. Darren Utley is a minister in the Presbyterian Church U.S.A. He lived with his wife and two children in Hanover County, VA until the family's recent move to Racine, WI. Darren’s early experience with the Jesus of the Christian Gospels, set him on a path toward seeking all the goodness of God for all people. While living in Grand Rapids, MI, he became active in community organizing in both the Black and Latino communities. Darren spent two years as the Executive Director of The Coalition for Community Reinvestment, working with the city, banks, churches and other organizations to help revitalize communities primarily through homeownership and the rehabilitation of housing. He is continuing to serve as Co-Convener of Education for Action Book Circle, which will continue to happen virtually on Zoom.

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Tina Slaughter

Vice Chair

Tina Slaughter shared her IT and organizational skills with Coming To The Table-RVA, helping us develop our website, our brand and our organizational communication. Additionally, she took our newsletter to a better and more consistent format and trained a volunteer to edit and send it out on a regular schedule. She also began the set-up of our donor database, developed procedures for maintaining our mailing list, and assisted in development events, including the Table of African American Fusions, held at The Warsaw.

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Robin Allman

Movie Circle Co-Convener

Doug Steele

Food Team Co-Leader; 4th Thurday Book Circle Co-Convener; website volunteer; Facilitator

Doug Steele has become part of the heartbeat of CTTT-RVA, appreciated for the wide variety of skills and interests he brings to the organization. Whether he is preparing scrumptious meals in the kitchen, baking goodies to share with other volunteers, or leading a Book Circle discussion, we know his special touch will make our experiences more enjoyable! Besides serving as a core member of established circles of activity, Doug has created a Directory of African-American Owned Businesses in Richmond to help all of us put some of our money into reparative action, employing businesses that he has personally checked out. He also helps keep some of the website up to date and is just plain fun to be around! Thanks, Doug! We are glad you are here!

Peggy Wright

Administrative Assistance and Donor Nurture

"The most dangerous conversations are the ones we don't have. So join us at the table, a safe space for connections that empower healing actions."
- Invitation from CTTT
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