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Unity Walk 2020


Walk in solidarity with those standing up for Social Justice and racial healing Coming To The Table - RVA invites you to join us for Unity Walk of 2020, to acknowledge the end of our first 400 years and the vision of the next 400 years!

Please join us for a short contemplative walk on Arthur Ashe Blvd. beginning in the back parking lot of the Virginia Museum of History & Culture

Our goal is to have 5 -10 members of several organizations represented at the podium and take the Richmond Pledge together. After the presentation, we want people to meet folks from YOUR organizations and make connections. CTTT-RVA wants the general public to be able to connect with members of Coming To The Table, BLM, Broken Men Foundation, RISC, VCIC, IofC and many more local groups who are doing THE WORK! We want Richmonders to discover ACTIONS they can take to make a difference NOW! 

Support Expansion of Brown v. Board of Education Scholarships


CTTT-RVA’s Reparation’s Circle has joined the frontlines of the fight for racial equality and repairing what has been broken as a result of the lasting impact of the legacy of slavery. Our first action; providing support to the descendants of the students impacted by the closing of schools in Prince Edward, Charlottesville, Norfolk, Warren and Arlington County, where state public education funds were rescinded due to desegregation between 1954 and 1964.


The Moment Is Now For Acknowledgement, Apology and Action


Dear Friends,

Our hearts are breaking with the daily news of racial hatred and violence - the death of another black man murdered for no reason. Our hearts are heavy alongside brothers and sisters who have lived this trauma for 400 years. Our anger is triggered at the disproportionate cost Covid-19 heaps on black bodies and families. Our fear rises for the futures of children who will fall behind in school as they have no access to technology for continued learning. If there was ever a time to be about truth-telling, building relationships, healing from wounds, and working for systemic change, we are in that time.


National Grassroots Reparations Convening/ 5th Annual Mike Brown Jr Weekend Commemoration


By Danita Green
This was a beautiful call to action that honored the living and the ancestors through music and stories, and charged us with the task of working together to repair want is broken - in ourselves as individuals and in our communities.


The "For Reparations" Conference


To learn more about how Reparations agendas are playing out nationally, Danita will be traveling to Ferguson, MO during the 5th anniversary weekend of the murder of Mike Brown Jr. and the Ferguson Uprising. From August 8-11, FOR REPARATIONS (part of the TRUTH TELLING PROJECT organization) is hosting a National Truth Telling and Grassroots Reparations Convening, where organizers and activists from Black-Led grassroots organizations throughout the nation, as well as the families and friends of people victimized by police violence, will be in Ferguson to participate in this important commemoration and work toward the transformation of our communities, and the transformation of the relationships between Black folk and the broader society. CTTT-RVA , because of our focus on this important topic and our national will be represented at this event.

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"The most dangerous conversations are the ones we don't have. So join us at the table, a safe space for connections that empower healing actions."
- Invitation from CTTT
CTTT-RVA is a Local Affiliate Group of Coming to the Table.
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